WelcomeTom Langmaack
Winner: Gigmaster's 'Best One Man Band' Award 2 years in a row!!

Hi and welcome to my site! 

I am a performing musician who plays keyboards, piano, guitar and vocals as well!

I also provide professional DJ services!

See my new Duo video in Photos!

Sensitive music for ceremonies! 
Elegant music for cocktail hours!
An exciting dance experience for receptions and parties!
Featuring: Live and DJ music and Lighting Effects!

Music makes a party and someone who has the experience and ability to provide musical services that will create the right atmosphere for a successful party is essential!

We work with you to design the entertainment for your party and will help you with every aspect. We have questionaires for various parties and weddings and with our years of experience, we
will work with you to provide your musical choices.

We know how to design the music for any affair and play at the right volume everytime! People can talk and dance throughout the entire affair!


We also provide many activities and games for children's parties!

Visit the Song List and Music pages to get an idea of our musical offerings!
Looking forward to speaking with you!



Hear our new Duo in in Music tab!

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Tom Langmaack

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Tom Langmaack

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