Our Story


A few years ago, we noticed the price of entertainment going up and the need for live music to compete with recorded entertainment such as DJ services, so we decided to provide both in one service which would enable us to offer both forms of entertainment at an affordable price.

We provide a quality professional entertainment service tailored to the needs of the client at an affordable price. We strive to satisfy a wide spectrum of musical tastes with personal service and a human touch!

My wife and I run the company. I play the keyboards and sing as well as play drums and percussion. I work with other musicians such as singers, guitarists, drummers, violinists, etc., and can provide a solo piano, one man band, up to a small combo!

When I play as a soloist, I can have a full band sound using midi and MP3 files. These are digital sounds fully programmed with various instruments. As I play live keyboards and vocals along with it, it sounds like a complete live band or orchestra.I also use keyboard styles in my arranger keyboard which gives a full band backing track and responds spontaneously to my live playing.

I come fully backed up so there is no need to worry about disk failure for the evening.

I have been performing for 35 years with experience in all styles of music. I have recorded with Juilliard and Manhattan Schools of Music, appeared on radio (WNCN) and at the 92 Street Theater in NYC and toured with various groups from Classical to Jazz to Popular throughout the USA. I also have 30 years experience playing with the top Metropolitan area wedding agencies as well as on my own!

We constantly strive to improve our services and music provided. Please feel free to contact us and sign up for our mailing list!

Equipment: We use state of the art PA, keyboard, DJ and effects equipment, such as Peavey, AKG as well as Korg, Roland, and Numark and Bose. All midi files/MP3's are selected for quality and modified and/or created by me.